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     Food Establishment Inspections

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Total Facilities found: 21
License Establishment Name Address City Municipality
A14289 Zacharias Creek Side Café 2960 Skippack Pike Worcester Worcester
A16248 Zachary's BBQ Co. 1709 Markley Street Norristown Norristown
E19495 Zag's Feed Me Food Truck Co. 1226 Merrybrook Road Collegeville Collegeville
A 2253 Zakes Café 444 S. Bethlehem Pike Fort Washington Whitemarsh
A 3863 Zern's Family Pizza Route 73, 100 East Philadelphia Avenue Gilbertsville Douglass
CC19506 Ziggy's Place #1 2259 Hamilton Ave. Willow Grove Abington
E19188 Ziggy's Roaster 2240 Hendricks Station Road Harleysville Upper Salford
D18919 Zio Gio 16 Balligomingo Road West Conshohocken West Conshohocken
F16963 Zion Mennonite Church 149 East Cherry Lane Souderton Souderton
A 1955 Zodiac At Neiman Marcus 170 N Gulph Road King Of Prussia Upper Merion
A17464 Zoe's Kitchen 161 Market Street, Suite 6 Collegeville Upper Providence
A17655 Zoe's Kitchen 761 W. Lancaster Avenue Bryn Mawr Lower Merion
A18347 Zoe's Kitchen 151 York Road Willow Grove Upper Moreland
A18693 Zoe's Kitchen 255 Montgomery Mall North Wales Montgomery
A18568 Zoes Kitchen 520 Germantown Pike Plymouth Plymouth
A 2576 Zoto's Diner 1100 Bethlehem Pike Line Lexington Hatfield Twp.
A15881 Zoup! 500 Broad Street Collegeville Upper Providence
A19332 Zoup! Store 113 500 W. Germantown Pike, Ste 2325 Plymouth Meeting Plymouth
FM19344 Zukay Live Foods - Bryn Mawr Farmers Market Lancaster Avenue at Morris Avenue Bryn Mawr Lower Merion
A 3686 Zwahlen's Ice Cream & Chocolate Co 670 Shannondell Blvd Audubon Lower Providence
F16501 Zwingli United Church of Christ 350 Wile Avenue Souderton Souderton

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About Food Establishment Inspections:
The Montgomery County Health Department is pleased to make its inspection reports of food service establishments available for the public to view on-line. These include restaurants, bars, grocery stores, convenience stores, school cafeterias and most facilities that dispense food to the public.

Inspection results are posted as inspections are conducted, and only represent eating and drinking establishments that fall under the inspection jurisdiction of the Montgomery County Health Department.

Please remember that any inspection is a “snapshot” of the day and time of the inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term cleanliness of an establishment. Also, at the time of the inspection, violations are recorded but are often corrected on the spot prior to the inspector leaving the establishment.

Additional information on Food Establishment Licenses...

View the Montgomery County Public Health Code, chapter 4 for more information...

Finding inspection reports for each establishment:
The Inspection Report can be accessed by first searching by facility name and/or municipality. From the resulting list, click on the name of the establishment to show the inspection reports (most recent first). Click on the date of the inspection to view the full report. You can print this report, or save it to your computer.

If you are having trouble finding a restaurant, try searching with fewer letters. Also, the search is only the first part of the name which may begin with “A”, “The”, a number or special character.
For example: If you are trying to find inspections for “Joe’s Restaurant,” but the actual name might be “Joes 1st Restaurante’,” try searching for just “Joe” or search by municipality.

Why aren’t all the establishments in Montgomery County in this database?
Establishments that are closed, pending or change ownership will not be in the database. Wholesale (non-retail) facilities are licensed and inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – additional information can be found at their website:

Questions and concerns:
Any questions or concerns about establishments or information contained in this database may be directed to one of our three offices:
Norristown 610-278-5117
Pottstown 610-970-5040
Willow Grove 215-784-5415