List of Contests
Registration & Turnout
Justice of the Supreme Court
Judge of the Superior Court
Judge of the Commonwealth Court
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
County Commissioner
Clerk of Courts
District Attorney
Recorder of Deeds
Register of Wills
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-06
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-07
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-09
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-12
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-13
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-15
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-20
Magisterial District Judge 38-1-28
Magisterial District Judge 38-2-04
Magisterial District Judge 38-2-09
Abington School Director
Boyertown Area School Director Region 2
Boyertown Area School Director Region 3
Bryn Athyn School Director
Bryn Athyn School Director - 2 Year Term
Cheltenham School Director
Colonial School Director
Hatboro-Horsham School Director
Jenkintown School Director
Lower Merion School Director
Lower Moreland School Director
Methacton School Director
Norristown Area School Director
North Penn School Director
Perkiomen Valley School Director
Pottsgrove School Director
Pottsgrove School Director - 2 Year Term
Pottstown School Director
Souderton Area School Director
Springfield School Director
Spring-Ford Area School Director Region 1
Spring-Ford Area School Director Region 2
Spring-Ford Area School Director Region 3
Upper Dublin School Director
Upper Merion Area School Director At Large
Upper Merion Area School Director Region 1
Upper Merion Area School Director Region 2
Upper Merion Area School Director Region 3
Upper Moreland School Director
Upper Perkiomen School Director
Wissahickon School Director
Ambler Council Ward 1
Ambler Council Ward 2
Ambler Council Ward 2 - 2 Year Term
Ambler Council Ward 3
Ambler Constable Ward 1
Ambler Constable Ward 2
Ambler Constable Ward 3
Bridgeport Council At-Large
Bridgeport Council Ward 1
Bridgeport Council Ward 2
Bridgeport Council Ward 3
Bridgeport Constable Ward 1
Bridgeport Constable Ward 2
Bridgeport Constable Ward 3
Bryn Athyn Council
Bryn Athyn Auditor
Bryn Athyn Constable
Collegeville Council
Collegeville Constable
Conshohocken Council Ward 1
Conshohocken Council Ward 3
Conshohocken Council Ward 5
Conshohocken Council Ward 7
Conshohocken Constable Ward 1
Conshohocken Constable Ward 2
Conshohocken Constable Ward 3
Conshohocken Constable Ward 4
Conshohocken Constable Ward 5
Conshohocken Constable Ward 6
Conshohocken Constable Ward 7
East Greenville Council
East Greenville Constable
Green Lane Council
Green Lane Constable
Hatboro Council
Hatboro Constable North
Hatboro Constable South
Hatfield Borough Council
Hatfield Borough Constable
Jenkintown Council Ward 1
Jenkintown Council Ward 1 - 2 Year Term
Jenkintown Council Ward 2
Jenkintown Council Ward 3
Jenkintown Council Ward 4
Jenkintown Constable Ward 1
Jenkintown Constable Ward 2
Jenkintown Constable Ward 3
Jenkintown Constable Ward 4
Lansdale Council Ward 1
Lansdale Council Ward 2
Lansdale Council Ward 3
Lansdale Council Ward 3 - 2 Year Term
Lansdale Constable Ward 1
Lansdale Constable Ward 2
Lansdale Constable Ward 3
Narberth Council
Narberth Constable
Norristown Council At Large
Norristown Council Ward 2
Norristown Council Ward 4
Norristown Constable Ward 1
Norristown Constable Ward 2
Norristown Constable Ward 3
Norristown Constable Ward 4
North Wales Council Ward 1
North Wales Council Ward 2
North Wales Council Ward 3
North Wales Constable Ward 1
North Wales Constable Ward 2
North Wales Constable Ward 3
Pennsburg Council
Pennsburg Constable
Pottstown Council Ward 2
Pottstown Council Ward 4
Pottstown Council Ward 6
Pottstown Tax Collector- 2 Year Term
Pottstown Constable Ward 1
Pottstown Constable Ward 2
Pottstown Constable Ward 3
Pottstown Constable Ward 4
Pottstown Constable Ward 5
Pottstown Constable Ward 6
Pottstown Constable Ward 7
Red Hill Council
Red Hill Council 2 Year Term
Red Hill Constable
Rockledge Council
Rockledge Constable
Royersford Council
Royersford Council - 2 Year Term
Royersford Constable
Schwenksville Council
Schwenksville Council 2 Year Term
Schwenksville Auditor
Schwenksville Constable
Souderton Council Ward 1
Souderton Council Ward 2
Souderton Council Ward 2 - 2 Year Term
Souderton Council Ward 3
Souderton Constable Ward 1
Souderton Constable Ward 2
Souderton Constable Ward 3
Telford Council
Telford Constable
Trappe Council
Trappe Constable
West Conshohocken Council
West Conshohocken Council - 2 Year Term
West Conshohocken Constable
Abington Commissioner Ward 1
Abington Commissioner Ward 3
Abington Commissioner Ward 5
Abington Commissioner Ward 7
Abington Commissioner Ward 9
Abington Commissioner Ward 11
Abington Commissioner Ward 13
Abington Commissioner Ward 15
Abington Constable
Cheltenham Commissioner Ward 1
Cheltenham Commissioner Ward 2 - 2 Year Term
Cheltenham Commissioner Ward 3
Cheltenham Commissioner Ward 5
Cheltenham Commissioner Ward 7
Cheltenham Constable
Douglass Supervisor
Douglass Auditor
Douglass Auditor - 4 Year Term
Douglass Constable
East Norriton Supervisor
East Norriton Auditor
East Norriton Constable
Franconia Supervisor
Franconia Auditor
Franconia Constable
Hatfield Commissioner Ward 1
Hatfield Commissioner Ward 3
Hatfield Commissioner Ward 5
Hatfield Township Constable
Horsham Council
Horsham Constable
Limerick Supervisor
Limerick Auditor
Limerick Constable
Lower Frederick Supervisor
Lower Frederick Auditor
Lower Frederick Constable
Lower Gwynedd Supervisor
Lower Gwynedd Auditor
Lower Gwynedd Constable
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 1
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 2 - 2 Year Term
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 3
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 5
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 7
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 9
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 11
Lower Merion Commissioner Ward 13
Lower Merion Constable
Lower Moreland Commissioner Ward 1
Lower Moreland Commissioner Ward 3
Lower Moreland Commissioner Ward 5
Lower Moreland Constable
Lower Pottsgrove Commissioner
Lower Pottsgrove Commissioner - 2 Year Term
Lower Pottsgrove Constable
Lower Providence Supervisor
Lower Providence Auditor
Lower Providence Constable
Lower Salford Supervisor
Lower Salford Auditor
Lower Salford Constable
Marlborough Supervisor
Marlborough Auditor
Marlborough Constable
Montgomery Supervisor
Montgomery Auditor
Montgomery Auditor 4 Year Term
Montgomery Auditor 2 Year Term
Montgomery Constable
New Hanover Supervisor
New Hanover Auditor
New Hanover Constable
Perkiomen Supervisor
Perkiomen Auditor
Perkiomen Constable
Plymouth Council Ward 2
Plymouth Council Ward 4
Plymouth Constable
Salford Supervisor
Salford Auditor
Salford Constable
Skippack Supervisor
Skippack Supervisor - 2 Year Term
Skippack Auditor
Skippack Auditor 4 Year Term
Skippack Constable
Springfield Commissioner Ward 1
Springfield Commissioner Ward 3
Springfield Commissioner Ward 5
Springfield Commissioner Ward 7
Springfield Constable
Towamencin Supervisor
Towamencin Auditor
Towamencin Constable
Upper Dublin Commissioner Ward 1
Upper Dublin Commissioner Ward 3
Upper Dublin Commissioner Ward 5
Upper Dublin Commissioner Ward 7
Upper Dublin Constable
Upper Frederick Supervisor
Upper Frederick Auditor
Upper Frederick Auditor 4 Year Term
Upper Frederick Constable
Upper Gwynedd Commissioner
Upper Gwynedd Constable
Upper Hanover Supervisor
Upper Hanover Constable
Upper Merion Supervisor
Upper Merion Auditor
Upper Merion Constable
Upper Moreland Commissioner Ward 2
Upper Moreland Commissioner Ward 4
Upper Moreland Commissioner Ward 6
Upper Moreland Constable
Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner
Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner - 2 Year Term
Upper Pottsgrove Tax Collector - 2 Year Term
Upper Pottsgrove Constable
Upper Providence Supervisor
Upper Providence Auditor
Upper Providence Constable
Upper Salford Supervisor
Upper Salford Auditor
Upper Salford Constable
West Norriton Commissioner
West Norriton Constable
West Pottsgrove Commissioner
West Pottsgrove Constable
Whitemarsh Supervisor
Whitemarsh Constable
Whitpain Supervisor
Whitpain Auditor
Whitpain Constable
Worcester Supervisor
Worcester Auditor
Worcester Constable
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